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Lake Chapala – The Other Side

The following are images of a 12 hour trip around Mexico's Lake Chapala - from Ajijic through San Juan Cosala and Jocotopec - ALL THE WAY AROUND. Do NOT VIEW ON A CELL PHONE! These are high quality images intended only for a … Continue Reading ››

Ajijic and Chapala Mexico

Ajijic-Chapala Mexico
Ajijic Mexico– Located on the shore of Lake Chapala - the largest body of freshwater in Mexico - at 5,000 feet elevation...It is a gorgeous lakeside garden surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains.  This region is an breathtaking…the … Continue Reading ››

The Flora of Ajijic-Chapala Mexico

The Flora of Ajijic Chapala Mexico
The flora of the Ajijic-Chapala region of Mexico– Luscious - and deserves the sharing of its beauty.  LUSCIOUS! The following is a LINK to our photo gallery. These are LARGE - High Quality images NOT intended … Continue Reading ››