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A Nation of Deadbeats by Scott Reynolds Nelson

When you read this book you garner a vastly deeper appreciation for the terms scholar, historian, research and story teller. You also are blessed with a unique narrative regarding the history of America’s financial disasters in the nineteenth century. I’ve done quite a bit of reading in this genre – and this book is a MUST READ.


A Nation of Deadbeats
I truly enjoyed this work. Actually, I became immersed in the narrative and learned more than I could have hoped.

This work has encouraged me to continue to “explore the places where maps have failed us…pushing along in the dark.” (p. 254). Yet, the historical evolution of U.S. capitalism that this work recounts, illuminated the absence of pre-existing maps from which to plot the path ahead. However, this work also revealed for me that man, at every juncture, with his seemingly eternal penchant for wealth and power, and organization – emerged, and injected itself at every opportunity.

For me, this book distinctly reinforced the incontrovertible evidence inhabiting the historical record; when you combine man and money, the emergence of mayhem is a matter of fact. Although we currently live in a time where our culture suggests that we know most everything, can control our environments, and predetermine outcomes of socio-economic (and geo-political) policies – I remain a healthy skeptic…particularly as it relates to ALL things economic. Again, this volume is a reminder to me to remain sensitive to the alerts from my “crap detector” (attached to my forehead, swiveling in a 360, 24-7 – and – solar powered). The “smugness” that inhabits our intellectual, social, economic and political discourse today remains, in my opinion, one of our most profound, enduring weaknesses – as a species – particularly as folks continue to espouse rigidly militant “certainty” about issues; past, current and future. I, for one, appreciate those who possess a high regard for questions vs. those who attempt to cram answers down my throat…as the author’s commentary at the end of the book, directed at his colleagues, elicited deeply appreciative smirks from this reader.

Yes, as some of the author’s final remarks in this book indicate, I too have ongoing concerns about the unregulated and mysterious miasma of rogue waves of capital that seemingly slosh between the shores of our globe…outside the cognitive awareness of the ordinary citizen…capital without margin (“margins impose safety”… p. 251), incalculable leverage, incomprehensible risk, and a source of instability whose magnitude and morph I remain acutely concerned with…as inertia continues to thrust us into places where maps are under construction…pushing along in the dark.…to a yet, unknown destination. Yet, the human motivations remain seemingly unchanged.

This particular work is profoundly appreciated by this reader. Thank you so very much Mr. Reynolds.

I highly recommend it.


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The Last Light Breaking by Nick Jans


The Last Light Breaking by Nick Jans
A Phenomenal Work of Literary Artistry



I’ve read a number of books artfully crafted by Nick JansThe Grizzly Maze and A Wolf Called Romeo – to name two of my favorites.


I recently had the opportunity to read Nick’s first book, The Last Light Breaking. I savored this journey into the lives of the Inupiat people of Ambler, Alaska – a people who, according to Jans, “move within the eddying currents of time, space and light – where the laws of physics seem to float freely, compressing and expanding, refusing logic.”
Last Light Breaking
Last Light Breaking
This book is an anthropological treasure. Yet – it’s much, much more than that. For the naturalist, the outdoors person, wildlife biologist – and those who simply enjoy a damn fine artist (Jans) and the tales of his time in a place that most will never journey remotely close too – It’s a fantastic read!
Nick Jans
Nick Jans


The characters, creatures, culture and challenges of living in a remote village like Ambler provide a wide and diverse audience with every element essential to invigorating the readers interest – and a yearning to return to the volume to continue enjoying Jans literary artistry.


Buy it. Savor it. Learn. Listen. Prepare to perceive the world around you in a unique and precious way.






A Place Beyond by Nick Jans



Meaning Beyond Words


According to author Nick Jans, “Words, like map and compass, tell one story yet fail at another.”


Nick Jans
Nick Jans


If there is meaning beyond words – well – Nick Jans is a literary guide I urge you to read – as he details the stories of his life among the Inupiat people of Ambler, Alaska.


Jans has a way of writing that affords the reader the privilege to envision, imagine, see, smell, hear, taste, feel — to journey intimately to those places where – for far too many authors – their ability fails to open these mysterious dimensions for our souls to wander, to live, to explore. Jans writing creates a yearning in the reader to return to his work – to immerse oneself into the marvelous milieu that Jans is uniquely gifted to create.
A Place Beyond
A Place Beyond
A Jans writes, “It’s not the death of the elders I mourn. It’s what’s dying with them and what’s taking their place.” There is an intimacy to Jans writing that allows you to feel what he is writing about – how he actually feels about the subtleties of  his many years of  living in Ambler reveal. He possesses an uncanny ability to observe and relay for the reader the human dimension of feeling that many writers simply are unable to accomplish.


This book is a song. It’s music for the soul. Listen to Jans sing:


“And beneath it all is music – a delicate, liquid shattering, a song of returning, of breathing again after long silence. I should join the others in their celebration, but just now, I want to sit alone, to watch and listen as the winter breaks apart.”


Nick Jans is an artist whose literary gifts allow the reader to enjoy dimensions of meaning and sensory stimulation amidst a literary topography that has been characterized as — “meaning beyond words,” a place beyond.


Enjoy A Place Beyond – Finding Home in Arctic Alaska by Nick Jans. Trust me – you’ll fall in love with this book. I did.




BACK CHANNEL by Stephen L. Carter



Back Channel by Stephen L. Carter



Spectacular. PERIOD!


This was my first Stephen L. Carter novel. Back Channel motivated me to buy Carter’s The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln – which I am currently savoring.

Stephen L. Carter
Stephen L. Carter

Carter is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale University, where he has taught since 1982.  His courses include law and religion, the ethics of war, professional responsibility contracts, and evidence.



This a fascinating read – my first read of what can be characterized as literary fiction. Carter uses the Cuban Missile Crisis as the central setting of this yarn. It is fast-paced, believable, inhabited by intrigue,  and crafted in a way that makes the reader legitimately enamored with the pure intellectual prowess of the author’s ability to spin a yarn like this.


A magnificent mystery. You’ll love it. I did. I’m now hooked on Stephen L. Carter.






THE WAY OF THE KNIFE — by Mark Mazzetti



If you want to read a book about the origins and evolution of the current U.S. intelligence apparatus as we portend to “know it” – this is it.

Mark Mazzetti is a journalist for The New York Times, where he has covered national security issues since 2006.


Mark Mazzetti
Mark Mazzetti


Where did drones come from? How are they used? Who controls the decision-making behind their use? How are “enemies of the state” identified, tracked and eliminated? — Insights into these questions and many, many more are aptly illustrated by the investigative journalism skills of author Mark Mazzetti.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Yet, like most superb works of investigative journalism – it produces vastly more questions than it answers. These are questions that are pertinent to life today — and tomorrow.

The Way of the Knife by Mark Mazzetti – a penetrating examination of the anatomy of the U.S. intelligence apparatus – it’s like an autopsy of a body that’s still alive and well – with you in the room.

THIS IS IT! A place and a time you never thought you would inhabit.