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NH HOTEL – Zona Centro – Guadalajara MX

Simply THE Best Hotel in Guadalajara...PERIOD!!! A photo album of our stay here in summer 2019 is HERE:   This hotel is staffed by outstanding professionals in every capacity. After … Continue Reading ››

Templo Expiatorio – Guadalajara, MX

Templo Expiatorio - Guadalajara by Bill Dahl
  This sacred space in Guadalajara, Mexico left me speechless...It's beauty, grandeur, architecture and immensity consumed my being and left tears in my eyes...It is a MUST VISIT. Make Guadalajara a  HIGH PRIORITY on … Continue Reading ››

NH Hotel – Guadalajara – Zona Centro Historico

NH Hotel Zona Centro Historico - Guadalajara
  It is rare for me to recommend a hotel. It is even more rare to advise you to "Stay ONLY HERE." The NH Hotel in Zona … Continue Reading ››

The Architecture of Guadalajara – Zona Centro Historico

The architecture of Guadalajara, Mexico is more than magical to me. I walk for hours - day and night - alone - with my camera gear to capture the essence of the magnificent architectural works in this amazing, incredible and vibrantly gorgeous … Continue Reading ››

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara - A destination most Americans and Europeans never visit in Mexico --- This city is an incredible treasure...the people, the food, the architecture, culture, artistry and history are simply delicious. Believe us - Put this experience on your bucket list. It … Continue Reading ››